It is never too late to become an organ donor

Health care providers say age does not disqualify

It is never too late to become an organ donor.

That is the message from new research published Wednesday, saying there is no age cutoff for organ donation.

Guidelines classify donors older than 50 as ‘extended criteria donors’ but shortages have led to using these donors more frequently.

Local health providers say they do not disqualify organ donors solely based on their age.

“With the modern technology that we have, all the tests that are done, and all the actual things that are looked at to match an organ to a recipient, the age really is one of those things that isn’t always the most important. It’s more about function and what those organs are actually doing at the that time, the time of the patient’s death, and how healthy they really are,” said Gundersen Health System Organ and Tissue Donation Liaison Seth Barna.

If you would like to become an organ donor you can register at Wisconsin’s online donor registry.