Is your child’s backpack too heavy?

UW-La Crosse professor weighs in on the issue

While the lack of sleep is an issue for some students, the weight of the backpacks they carry around can be another.

Over the past few years, physicians and doctors are seeing more kids with neck and shoulder issues.

Brian Udermann, a UW-La Crosse professor of exercise and sports sciences said the problem lies within heavy backpacks. Things such as books, laptops, and other electronic devices add the weight.

Udermann says the problem comes from the lack of time students have.

“What you hear from many, many, many students is they just don’t have time.  Maybe they have five or six or seven classes throughout the day and they claim they don’t have time to get from a classroom to the locker to the classroom in between courses,” Udermann said.

Uderman said buying a lightweight backpack or using a rolling backpack are some solutions for parents to look into.

Udermann discusses this topic in his upcoming book, “Was Mom Wrong? The Truth About Another 101 Common Myths, Urban Legends and Old Wives Tales!”