Is coffee causing you to be dehydrated? Study says no

Tea and coffee lovers often think of the drinks as dehydrating, but a new study suggests that this may not be true.

These drinks are diuretic in large doses, meaning they causes you to urinate more, which is why some believe you become more dehydrated after drinking them. You may feel you’re dehydrated after a few sips because tannins in tea and coffee cause your mouth to feel dry.

A new study of 50 male coffee drinkers found that when consumed in moderation, coffee provides similar hydrating qualities to water. Jessica Lind, a registered dietitian at Gundersen Health System, says that the findings should be taken with a grain of salt.

“A cup of coffee or two is not going to hurt you, especially if you’re doing black coffee or the plainest that you can. But then switching over to water for the rest of your day is going to be the best course of action for your health,” Lind said.

The research from the University of Birmingham said those with certain conditions including kidney disease could still be at risk of being dehydrated after drinking large amounts of coffee.