Iranian nuclear deal expected to lower gas prices; a relief for local cab business

Officials say gas should be around $2 by December

For one La Crosse company that relies on gas every single day, the United States nuclear deal with Iran is a sign of relief.

Sue Redenbaugh and her husband started Craig’s Towing in La Crosse about 26 years ago, so they have witnessed the highs and lows of the gas pump firsthand.

And now with a second business, Bee Cab, gas is like a lifeline for them, so the news of lower gas prices has them excited for the future.

“We take everyone wherever they want to go,” said Kari Perez, who works for Craig’s Towing and Bee Cab.

Kari Perez has worked for the owner of Craig’s Towing and Bee Cab, in La Crosse, for more than 11 years.

“I dispatch, I am also a manager and I drive,” said Perez.

Perez fills a lot of positions at work but her favorite is driving.

“I get to meet the customers I talk to on the phone,” said Perez.

But with the gas prices where they are, driving is expensive.

“Gas alone is a huge expense. A lot of our drivers don’t make enough money like they should because they are paying money on gas prices,” said Perez.

Perez’s boss, Sue Redenbaugh, employs about 35 people between the towing and cab company. She spends $8,000 a week on gas.

“All day and night; we are 24 hours for the cabs and the towing so we are always out on calls and picking up people,” said Redenbaugh.

And when gas prices go up, Redenbaugh’s prices stay the same.

“Sometimes it is hard, you know, because you want to raise them, but I try to look at the overall picture hoping it will go down,” said Redenbaugh.

Well there may be some relief in sight at the gas pump. President Barack Obama’s recent agreement with Iran is expected to lower gas prices in the United States. After Labor Day, U.S. officials said, gas prices should fall by 10 to 15 cents. By December, prices should be $2 or less.

“That’s good. I don’t remember it being under $2 in a long time,” said Redenbaugh.

Redenbaugh said it won’t only help her company but it will give others a break at the pump, as well.

“I think it’s good for everybody because people can do more out rather than stick it in their gas tank,” said Redenbaugh.

A break at the pump also includes Redenbaugh’s cab drivers, who are willing to take anyone whereever they want to go.

To cut down on costs already, Bee Cab does use Toyota Priuses whenever possible. But because they are out on the road 24/7, even the gas to fuel hybrids adds up in the end.