Invasive species in the Mississippi River: What to do when you see Asian Carp

Asian Carp are the focus of the DNR

The Mississippi is filled with river creatures, but not all of them are welcomed by our environment.

The Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge says one of their biggest concerns with invasive species this season is Asian Carp, including Big Head Carp and Silver Carp. They first entered our native population by traveling up the river from the South.

Asian Carp are very fast growing, and they reproduce quickly, so big populations can gather fast in the Mississippi. The species is dangerous because they out-compete the natural fish species in our area as they are also filter-feeders.

Biological Technician for the Upper Mississippi National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, Kelsey Hoffmann says, “Every animal is important in one way or another to help keep everything balanced. If we’re not having our native fish species available, then some other things that can be a concern can become overpopulated or vice versa.”

If you do find or catch Asian Carp, the Fish and Wildlife Services asks that you let them or the DNR know at 608-783-8455, so they can find the population and manage future spawning.

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