Increase in donation needs for Hunger Task Force

An increase in need for food donations is creating problems for a local organization.

The Hunger Task Force has an increased need for donations, as they supply food for area summer lunch programs.

Things such as sandwich supplies and fruit are in greatest demand because they fit well into a lunch bag.

While there are a large number of organizations to help throughout the community, helping the Hunger Task Force helps them all.

“If you’re able to donate to the hunger task force, we can take care of all of them at once. And that’s just a terrific thing and we’re so happy to be able to have the food to provide to them,” said Shelly Fortner, Executive Director, Hunger Task Force.

Hunger Task Force will host a produce distribution event at the La Crosse Public Library’s main branch on July 9th.

There are no income requirements to receive produce at the event.