In Stevens Point, the art is upside down

The newest addition to the Stevens Point Sculpture Park looks as if it fell from the sky.

Jason Bord donated his work “The American Status,” a pinewood sculpture of an upside down house, this week. He said he picked Stevens Point as the location for his sculpture because he was familiar with the park and considers it the one of the best sculpture parks in Wisconsin.

“If I’m going to spend all this time, I want it to have a good home,” he told Stevens Point Journal Media.

Bord originally constructed the piece in Shafer, Minn., where he works as a park manager at Franconia Sculpture Park. With the help of Stuart Morris, sculpture park board member, and a few city park employees, Bord reassembled the house. With the tight, wooded space of the park, and the fact that the house is upside down, construction was no easy task for the small crew.

“We put it together backward from the way I had originally done it,” Bord said.

Morris said the Stevens Point Sculpture Park advisory board heard about Bord’s sculpture through the Franconia Sculpture Park. After seeing models and photos of the sculpture, he said everyone on the board thought it would make a great addition to the park.

“It’s an interesting piece,” Morris said. “We’re lucky to be considered for the donation.”

At first glance, someone might think the piece is political commentary about the economic situation or the housing crisis, but Bord said his work is open for interpretation. With a doorway and interior large enough for a shorter person to stand comfortably, he said he anticipates children playing in the structure.

“Kids will think it’s weird and fun,” he said. “Art should be fun.”