In Search Of…


The 130 members of the Screaming Eagles marching band, march to a very roudy drum. “Saying we have alot of fun is
an understatement. I think we have a blast!” “It’s alot of fun, because everybody is so into it and Dr. Fisher is
very enthusiastic.”

With the schools last football game now in the books, usually this time of year the band’s season is well over. But
this year things are little different.

When we first caught up with the band back in november, they were getting ready to play in one very big final
show. “Believe it or not, we are going to be performing and the Packer/Viking Monday night football halftime show!”
Then they got some very bad news.

There was a mix-up by the packers organization and their date with the pack was sidelined. “Those first few days
were pretty painful.” “We’re like heyyyyyyyyy…..there we go. And we were totally bummed out.” “Alot of people
were crying. I was pretty dissapointed.”

But all is not lost. The band has been invited back this Sunday to perform during pre-game. And they are making
the most of this second chance to shine. “It’s still a big opportunity for us and we’re just excited to represent the
university and we’re still going to go and do a good job.”
“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to get to play for the team that I’ve been cheering for ever since I was
able to cheer.” “To actually be on lambeau…it cannot be described into words the excitement that I’m feeling.”

For their biggest show yet on about the biggest stage around, these musicians are definetly ready for this
golden…and green opportunity.

We went in search of a group of musicians marching into the spotlight. “We’re gonna make La Crosse proud.” We
found them.