In Search Of…Window Washers 6/23/05


Working ‘in’ the tallest building in La Crosse can definetly provide you with a window to the world, so imagine how
these guys must feel. High above the hustle a bustle of the day are two men on a mission.

Once or twice a year these high rise visitors swing in to the town to add a little sparkle to our city. But this is
not a job for everyone. “We do have some people that say they aren’t scared of heights and they come up here and they
are. How long do they last? Not long at all.”

Window washers are summond to buildings tall and small, but after years on the job these guy say whatever the height
it’s just another day at work. “After the 3rd or 4th floor…it’s all the same.” “Up to a certain floor it used to
bother me as we started to get highter and higher…now the 2nd floor is the same as the 20th.”

“Through rain or shine. “You get the sun behind you and then it rickoches off the glass…it’s very hot.” Even in
snow, they show up…to go up. And if you think they must get tired of the job. “I even wash my own windows at
home. Yes i do!”

We went in search of some men going to great heights to get the job done. We found them.

In case you’re wondering…it usually takes the window washing crew about five days…to clean all the windows at
the La Crosse US Bank building.