In Search Of…Wincraft 2/2/06

You might already know about Wincraft, a business right in Winona, that produces much of the Superbowl memerobilia
sold all over the country. But that is only a small part of this company’s true American success story.

Wincraft started back in 1961 with 4 employees and a small High School clientel. “Basically the company made
pom-poms and buttons.”

So no one could have guessed that 45 years later, that little company would become big business all over the

Today the now 500 people Wincraft employs help manufacture products for every single major sports franchise. “It’s
serious business. We’re licensed with all the professional sports. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, all the colleges.”

They literally make thousands of items. “We make hard hats and pins, and our pennant line is still very big. All
kinds of things.”

So just a few hours after this years Superbowl line-up was set, production started on this years must have
items. But when football ends, another season begins. “Whatever the season is, is the one we focus on. We’ve got a
great group of employees. So many of them have been with us for alot of years. They do a great job, they enjoy the
business. They just take good care of our customers. That’s really what counts.”

We went In Search of…a company that scores a touchdown all year long. “If you can’t have fun in this business,
you’ll never have fun in any business!” We found it.

If you would like to find out more about Wincraft and the thousands of products it produces, you can visit their
website at

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