In Search Of…Turbo the Cat: Update! 4/28/05


It was earlier this year when we all fell in love with this little stray cat that’d been hit by a car. He’d lost all
feeling in his back legs…but had a strong will to live and a great way of communicating it.

The staff at the Thompson Animal Medical Clinic in La Crosse, quickly rallied around their new found friend,
providing rehabilitation and a make-shift cart to motor in . You can probably tell how he earned the name Turbo.

Well since that story first aired, Turbo has learned a few new tricks and made quite a name for himself. “It used
to be people came to visit me, now it’s all Turbo.” “Oh he’s famous. He has more friends than anybody else in La
Crosse.” One of those friends happens to be a nine year old boy from Cashton. Brody Hackbarth and his family were
sitting around the TV one January morning discussing Brody’s upcoming inventors fair at school. “The day that he was
trying to decide what to do…your Turbo story aired and he decided to make a cat wheel chair.” For the next few
weeks…Brody and his dad work everyday to come up with a design and prototype for Turbo’s new wheels. “This is
fun!” All the while back in La Crosse, Turbo continues to outgrow his old ones. “He’s huge!”

When the invention fair arrives, Brody gets some very exciting news. “What was it like when you found out you
won? I was like, yeah!!!”

But that’s only half the story. The real test for this invention is about to begin. “Alright Brody, we’re going
to give it to Turbo.”

After a little inspection, and a more few adjustments, Turbo gives it a try and certainly lives up to his name. “I
think it’s awesome. I mean it took seven adults to figure out his first one and his family did this and it’s just an
awesome idea.” “Talk about the media being a vehicle to touch people’s lives…this one obviously did it. That just
represents what people in the Coulee Region are like.”

Who could of guessed one little stray cat could touch so many lives. “He’s brought staff together, clients, people
that saw his story came down to see him. He’s definetly a fixture at the clinic without a doubt.”

“He’s my best friend.” And who says that’s a title just for dogs??

Here’s some more good news, Turbo has gained about 30-percent motion in his back legs. And the “cat caddy’…that
Brody designed allows him to use his back legs if and when he is ready to.