In Search Of…The La Crosse Blue Stars


The 128 members of the La Crosse Blue Stars are among the best drum and bugle corps in the nation. Founded in La
Crosse back in 1964, the Blue Stars come from all over the country to spend a summer competing to be the best. “They
travel thousands of miles, live in buses and become a family and perfect one field show all summer long.”

But to achieve perfection, it takes alot of hard work, somthing these members know all to well. “Good morning Blue
Stars.” 7:30 sharp, while jam packed into their latest accomadations, the wake up call comes. “We’re in La Crosse,
Wisconsin.” And so…the day begins.

7:45…in what reminds you of a ‘military’ corps…the morning run gets underway. “I love it. It actually wakes me
up and get me going.” If you’re wondering what on earth they’re doing….listen closely. “We’re singing through the

At eight o’clock…the real running begins as breakfast is served. “Well do three meals a day plus a snack, makes
for alot of food.”

Nine o’clock…the first practice begins. “What you see behind me is rehearsing to the smallest detail that needs
to be unified.” “Another day, another opportunity to get better.”

“It’s a special person that makes it through drum corps. Some rehearsals can go up to 16 hours. The musicianship
and entertainment is much higher because the average person in the drum corps has that fire.” “We’re pushing to be
better than we’ve ever been before.”

After three hours of practicing drill…after drill…after drill, it’s finally time for a break. An already long
day…and it’s not even noon yet.

Be sure to tune in for next week’s “In Search of”..for part two of a day in the life of a La Crosse Blue Star. If
you would like more information on the organization, check out their website,