In Search Of…Snake Breeders 3/16/06


In my opinion, Winona residents Matthew Martin and Ed Jenkinson have just about the worst job I can think of. The
funny thing is, they love it! “I’ve been a crazy snake guy for at least 25 years. I raise and breed reptiles.”

In particular, these reptiles. Big, long, ugly snakes. “I’ve just been drawn to these and spiders and scorpions
and anything strange.”

Now I have always been curious why anyone would want to own a snake, let alone work around them all day
long. “They’re not for everyone. They’ve been know to get a little moody, similar to a woman when they get a little
moody. But they’re easy to take care of and if you put the time into them, they are very calm, dosile animals.”

There are two parts to Matthew and Ed’s business, the first is the snake breeding. “It’s kind of exciting when you
pair up two animals and you end up with unexpected results.” “It’s just a game of chance. That’s what it all comes
down to. Something that hasn’t been seen before or is weird.”

And if they produce something new and unique, it can be a very nice pay out. “There’s snake breeders that are
making seven figures off playing with snakes all day.”

But since they haven’t hit the genetic jackpot just yet, the real money making part of Matthew and Ed’s business is
building the cages that house these slithery serpants. “It basically developed because you couldn’t find a cage for a
larger snake.” “We send them all over the continental U.S.”

And if you’re like me and still getting squeemish, here’s some reassuring news. “Normally snakes can’t eat humans
cause their shoulders are too wide. Normally? normally.”

We went in search of a proffesion that will make you squirm. “I don’t question that I’m a little off my rocker.
Who wants to be normal anymore??” We found it.

Matthew and Ed have a website where you can find out all sort of slithery information, it’s

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