In Search Of…Misty’s Dance 5/19/05


For most of Misty Lown’s life she has been a dancer. “I started dance when I was three. I was put in it because I
was born with a club foot and it’s something that became my activity and it just kind of stuck.”

Kind of is kind of an understatement. “Boy i like your pointed toes.” In 1998 Misty opened up her own studio in
Onalaska. “Sally over here.” And every year it has grown. “Izzy scoot down.” And grown. “Smile girls!” And
grown. “Now dancers we all have to turn around.” And today Misty’s Dance Unlimited has more than 650 students. “It’s
living a dream everyday. Some days I look around and think how blessed I am to be doing something I love.”

And her students feel the same way. “It’s fun. I have a blast when I come.” “I love dance. It’s a big part of
who I am, it developed my character.” “Everyone who comes here really has alot of fun.”

This week, last minute touches are being put into place for the studio’s annual spring recital. “I’m Cinderella
and I have a choker and a crown but Cinderella doesn’t wear a crown at the ball but it’s okay because it’s just
decoration and my fancy gloves and my fancy dress…and I have an itchy dress but it’s getting me ready for another

“Do we have all of our shoe strings tucked in?” “When you see what a blast they’re having, their families are here
for their special moment it’s priceless. The lessons cost something, the costumes cost something but the experiece
they take a way is priceless.” “Misty’s motto is it’s so much more than dance. Yes we provide them with the
technique they need but there’s also love a tenderness behind it all.” “Good singing kids!”

“Each of the teachers knows that they have a big responsibility for the kids to have a good experience and give the
kids the confidence and go away having good memories of their experience here.”

And all you have to do is look at their faces to see this is an experience both Misty and her students will always
cherish. “I could never see myself doing something different.”

We went In Search of…an activity that’s right on step. We found it.

Nearly 4000 people are expected to attend this weekends recital. For ticket information and show time you can call
the Viterbo Box Office at 796-3737.

If you’d like more information on how to join any of the dance classes, call Misty’s Dance Unlimited
at 779-4642.