In Search Of…Legacy Chocolates 7/14/05


For those of you who would rather have chocolate than just about anything, prepare to drool.
Micheal Roberts has been in the food and pastry business for decades and for the past several years…he’s
noticed a growing trend thanks to the internet. “These chocolates from around the world have become available more and

And that gave Micheal an idea. In 2002 he opened Legacy Chocolates, a little shop in Menomonie, Wisconsin, making a
very big name for itself. “Alot of european trends have carried over to this country. We drink better coffee, alot
better wines and hopefully we’ll eat alot better chocolate.”

A look back in the kitchen will get you a glimpse at heaven in the making. But the chocolates here are not your
everyday hershey variety. “Hershey bar has 10 percent chocolate and lots of sugar. We sell 85%, 73%, 58% and 41%.
What the percentage means is thats how much cocoa mass is in the chocolate your using.” And with less sugar, believe
it or not this chocolate is actually ‘good’ for you! “Chemically speaking, there’s no more perfect food than dark

The cocoa used in Micheal’s recipes comes from Venezuela and the specialty here is the homemade truffle. “We make 4
intensity’s and then we make 9 flavors in each of those intensity’s and then seasonable flavors as well.”

This divine dessert is so good, it was recently featured in Newsweek magazine and Michael lets us in on part of the
secret to his success. “Every single one of those truffles will be sold within 30 days cause fresh chocolate tastes
alot better.”

New customers are getting hooked on Legacy Chocolates everyday. “Would you like to taste a sample??? That’s
usually all it takes.” And batch after batch, Michael Roberts is still enjoying life at his little chocolate

We went in search of a local chocolate maker…we found him.

If you would like to get your hands on some of these truffles, you can either visit the store in downtown Menomonie
or check out their website