In Search Of…Broomball 1/26/06


It might not be the most popular winter sport, but for the people that play broomball, it’s certainly one of the
most loved. “It’s very addicting!”

If you’re not familiar with the game, allow me to give you a crash course.

“It’s like hockey…only slower. You’re not on skates…you’re on broomball shoes, which is a softer sole that helps
grip the ice. You have an orange ball that you hit with a broom. Passing is a big part of it. You get frustrated with
yourself cause you’re within one foot of the ball and you can’t get it. Scoring is definetly the hardest
part. There’s times when for no reason you fall, you just fall.” “You don’t have to skate to play, you don’t even have
to be athletic to play.” “It’s kind of a cult thing. You get hooked. I went to one game and I was like…’this is
really fun.’ You kind of fall in love with it and really look forward to it.” “If you want to work out in the
wintertime and have a good time then you should try broomball for sure.”

We went in search of a winter sport that’s sweeping through the area. “It’s an awesome game.” We found it.

There’s a broomball league that meets every Thursday night at La Crosse’s Copeland Park. If you’re interested in
playing, members say just stop by, teams are always looking for extra players.

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