In Search Of…Back to School Shopping 8/25/05


Here we go!

It is a yearly ritual every parent with school aged children must go through. Weaving up and down the
aisles, trying desperatly to track down the very specific item you need. “You need them in purple, red and
black.” Yes all you have to do is take a glance at any of these supply lists provided by the schools and you’ll
realize…back to school shopping is not an easy task. Sometimes you immediatly find what you’re looking for…”those
will work.” Sometimes you need to look and look…and look. “We’re struggling looking at the racks. There’s so many
choices to choose from.”

One of the biggest challenges for parents is balancing the needs versus the wants, the must haves…but schools are
starting to make that a little easier for parents. “Fortunetly the schools provide a very specific list which is
really helpful. They give very specific colors so you don’t have to pick the spiderman notebooks. They have to pick
out black ones and purple ones and that does help out alot.”

And all of these supplies don’t come cheap. “School budgets have changed, so kids have to bring in more
supplies.” “If you plan ahead and buy some things ahead of time…it doesn’t seem to be so much at one time.”

We followed some families in search of their back to school supplies, hopefully by that first bell…they’ll find

And it sounds like there’s alot of procrastinators out there, because stores will see a boost in sales between now
and the start of school. And in case you’re wondering, most schools start September firs