In Search Of…A Wonderful Mom 5/5/05


At first glance, this might look like an average High School basketball team. But this is actually a band of
brothers and Carol Callaway is the resident general. “You are??? An army sergeant. I am.”

Carol is mom to these boys, four adopted…two in foster care. She also has two biological children. And for more
than a decade, she’s been taking in what so many have shut out. “I get a call and I say bring them and usually they
stay until they’re grown.”

But these kids aren’t your average young men. All of them have been dealt a bad hand in life and struggle with
obstacles bigger than most of us can even imagine. “Most people don’t want them and I have enough room, enough
knowledge, enough room in my heart.” Carol also has more patience than just about anyone you’ll ever meet, and in this
home, she has to. “Just because you take a kid into a home doesn’t mean they’re going to appreciate it. They aren’t.
In fact they are probably going to give you a good kick in the shin.”

With so much discouragment and frustration, you have to ask why would she do this??? “Because kids are worth it.
Maybe we’ll save one.”

Carol seems to see the potential in these kids that no one else sees, and she devotes every hour of every day to try
and get them to see it as well. “They are afraid of success. They’ll mess up cause they get scared. I try to work on
how can I help them to think differently, to get them going in the right direction.”

Most of the time Carol’s boys go about their day never really understanding or appreciating all she does for
them. But then there are those moments… “If I ever need somebody to go the extra mile for me, she’s always there no
matter what.” “I love her and I’m thankful every morning when I wake up.” “Happy mother’s day mom.”

We went In Search Of….a mom that’s opening her heart and her home. We found her.

Carol says as long as there’s room in her house, she’ll never turn kids away. May is Foster Parent Appreciation
month. If you have questions about becoming a foster parent, call the Family and Children’s Center at 785-0001.

We want to wish all you mom’s out there an early Happy Mother’s Day.