In Search Of…A Unique Way to Give 12/22/05


“Come on in. Want me to take your coat?”

This may look like your everyday girls get together, but when these girls get together, they are on a
mission. Sherry Moldenhauer, Nancy Smith, Marie Reeber and Sarah Pervis make up the group called H.U.G.S., or Hands
Uplifting Gods Servants, and twice a month for the past five years they meet to stamp their mark in this
community. “We enjoy stamping and crafting and making small little crafts.”

But the catch is, the crafts they make are all given away. Stacks of cards, 100 at a time are donated to places
like nursing homes, so that when a residents birthday comes up, there’s a homemade card just for them. “They’re
special for that one day, and I think that’s wonderful.”

A few months ago, they found a new way to make their mark. The H.U.G.S.heard about Operation Homefront, our local
organization that helps military families. In just a few weeks, boxes of these cards were on there way to our soliers
in Iraq. “So now they have a whole supply of cards. So when a child or wife has a birthday, they can send a special
card back. That they can come up with their talents and treasures and help us make life better for the families as they
wait for this deployment to end for them.”

“All of us enjoy doing things for other people and that’s how we’re able to share our gifts. Go shovel you’re
neighbors driveway or do something special, that’s all you have to do.”

We went in search of a very creative way to give. We found it.

The H.U.G.S. have no idea how many cards they’ve made over their 5 years together…but in just the last 5 months
they’ve made more than a thousand.