In Search Of…A Roof Rescue

A veteran roofer helps rescue a family in need

Kaye Erickson is a sweet, slightly shy grandma. “I have 19, 20 due in July.” So her day job might surprise you. Kaye is the owner of ‘Erickson Roofing.’ “What was the year you started roofing? 1976. That’s telling my age!”

She’s worked with her husband, her son, “now it’s my grandsons and I. It’s all been family.”

And over her three decades of roofing work, she’s had the occasional run in with wildlife. “We find a lot of different things that are kind of interesting. A few snakes occasionally.”

But a recent job on top of the ‘Family Restaurant’ in La Crosse required this family business to come to the rescue of a family in need. 

You see this mama duck made the unfortunate mistake of laying her eggs 30 feet up. “We try to stay as quiet as we can. I don’t think she likes us that well.”


And with no food source or a way to get her babies down, the Erickson’s took action. “We can’t have a duck up there and no food!” So we brought the pet taxi to keep the food dry.” 

For weeks they checked in to see if the ducklings had checked out. “She should be hatching soon.”And a few days later they arrived.  So they hatched a plan to capture the ducks and transport them to water. Turns out that’s easier said than done.

With all the ducks finally accounted for, Kaye and her grandsons take this special delivery off the roof and to the water.  All in a days work from one family to another.
“Our mission is over.”