In Search Of…A Positive Force in Onalaska 5/26/05


He is very familiar to many in the community. Randy Willliams has been Chief of Police in Onalaska for more than a
decade. “I remember getting the call from the mayor and my oldest daughter Victoria walked in the room and she
said…’you didn’t take that job in Alaska did you? I said yes and she said I’m not moving to Alaska!”

Fortunetly his family eventually came around and since 1994 Chief Williams has become the face of the Onalaska
P.D. “I love coming into work each and every day. I’m blessed to be in a profession that I enjoy doing and I feel
everyday I come in I can help people.”

That’s the Randy Williams we all know. Allow me to introduce you to one you might not.

At the end of his day…’The Chief’…becomes ‘The Coach’ to the girls on the Onalaska Hilltoppers soccer
team. “Two reasons why I coach, to get involved with my kids, but also to get involved with other kids in the
community and by doing that you build relationships with families.”

One of the Chief’s proudest accomplishment is his work with the Special Olympics of the La Crosse area. He’s been
instrumental in the annual Polar Plunge, The Law Enforcement Torch Run and several other programs that have raised
hundreds of thousands of dollars for area athletes. “Once your involved with the Special Olympics, there’s no turning
because once you get that first hug…that first smile…you’re sold.”

But of all his jobs, the one he loves most is that of husband to Lori and dad to Victoria, Drew and Kaitlyn. And
most recently his newest role, Grandpa to little Liam. “He’s nine months old and just getting ready to walk and I’ve
got a soccer ball in the closet just waiting for him.”

Whether it’s Chief, Coach, Dad or citizen, Randy Williams continues to make a difference in the community he’s come
to love. “People are so friendly in this whole area. It’s just a great place to raise a family. We have a great
school system, crime is low, it’s a safe community to be in. There’s so many opportunities for children and we love
being here in Onalaska.”

We went in search of a great force in the Onalaska community, “The more you do the more you are. It makes life
worth living.” We found him.