In Search Of…a local Music Man 7/21/05


For more than two decades, he’s been the voice behind some of the area’s most beloved children’s songs. Hans Mayer
has been a musician of one kind or another nearly all his life. But in the early 80’s he found his true calling when
he tried his hand at children’s music. “It was unchartered territory for me, but it was a new adventure. Children
are and adventure as we all know that have children.”

His lyrics are very sophisticated. “My brother eats bugs…god bless underwear.”

His own childhood experiences spark the ideas for many of his songs. “Alot of them…came from when I was growing
up…cause my brother really did eat bugs.”

He has a fun loving…playful personality that instantly draws the audience in, and today…Hans has become somewhat
of a staple for music lovers…of all ages. “We’ve followed him around to the fairs and we really love the music.
The kids love it and it keeps them satisfied. It’s just fun.” “It’s the songs…the lyrics the fun that he

Everyone seems to have their own favorite Hans song. “I know the girls really like god bless my underwear…and I
like my golden sun.” “My favorite is see you later alligator, that’s always been my favorite.” “I think my brother
eats bugs is my favorite.” “Some of the shows that I’ve had…all of a sudden the whole audience is singing the words
to the songs that I’ve written. It’s cool.”

Unfortunetly for all of us…this music man will be seen less frequently around these parts. This August…Hans and
his family are moving to Washington state. A decision that is definetly bittersweet. “I won’t be doing it as much
around here but I will be back and then it will be special.”

“We’ll miss him. But we’ve caught him just about everywhere he’s been in this area. We wish him luck.” “We
hate to see him go…but there’s kids all over the place and I think everyone should get to feel this energy that he’s

“I just want to thank everyone, really thank you all and I will see you in the future.”

We went in search of…a man that’s striking a chord with area kids. We found him.

Hans has a couple of concerts left in the area before he heads out west. For the times and places…or if you’d
like to buy one of his cd’s. Check out his website…