In Search Of…A Couple whose Soles are in Sync


La Crosse residents Kellen and Kathy Burgos have choreographed quite the love story together. This match was made
nearly three decades ago during a chance meeting on…you guessed it, the dance floor. “I was out one evening at
Valentino’s and I saw this young man movin’ and I went up to him and said ‘you look like you could dance.’ I thought
it was a really bad pick-up line.”

The two immediatly partnered up in more ways than one. “We started teaching a couple of weeks later and that was
it.” “We were married and had a family under works 6 months later. Cut! cut!”

Today, 27 years after their first dance, they continue to teach others how to get ‘in step.’ They teach 9 different
styles of dance, from Swing to Salsa, and even these two are sometimes surprised at the magic these moves can
make. “You see so many re-kindled romances. You’ll see husbands and wives all of a sudden start hugging and kissing
on the dance floor. And that’s pretty special.”

Some come with a purpose. “We want to look good at our wedding. She made me.” “Our daughter is getting married
this summer, so we decided we needed to know how to dance. We’ve talked about it for a long time…and this sort of
put the iron in the fire.”

Some just come for fun. “I haven’t done much with my sister since she moved here and thought this was a great

But they all leave with one thing in common. “It’s something you can have your entire life is that love of dance.
Learning together. It’s pure enjoyment.”

And it’s something these two will enjoy for many years to come. “We’ve known dance instructors who’ve danced well
into their 70’s…even 80’s. So we’ve got a long way to go.”

We went in search of a couple who’s soles are in sync…we found them.

Kathy and Kellen teach classes at the La Crosse Dance Centre and also at the ‘Gotta Dance’ studio in Winona. If
you’d like information on any of the classes, you can check out their website at

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