‘I’m sick to my stomach’: La Crosse political expert disappointed in violence at U.S. Capitol

'People have accepted the facts as they want to see them' Joe Heim said, former UW-La Crosse professor of political science, after violent protests in Washington D.C.
‘i’m Sick To My Stomach’: La Crosse Political Expert Disappointed In Violence At U.s. Capitol

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Former UW-La Crosse political science professor Joe Heim said he never thought he would see the U.S. Capitol breached by protestors.

“I’m sick to my stomach watching this,” Heim said.

La Crosse resident Brian Manske said people need to talk less and listen more.

“It’s sad,” Manske said while taking a walk in La Crosse’s Riverside Park.

Protesters in Washington D.C. made their way past law enforcement in an attempt to stop the certification of the Electoral College votes Wednesday.

“We’re kind of a broken country,” Manske said.

Manske has called La Crosse home for four decades. He said the country has an obvious problem.

“Right now, we’ve got a lot of talking, but we don’t have a lot of listening,” Manske said.

Heim said the violence at the nation’s Capitol is the result of disinformation and conspiracy theories.

“People have accepted the facts as they want to see them and not necessarily the facts as they really are,” he said.

He said he believes the nation’s leaders have a responsibility to get the violence in Washington under control.

“People have to step up. Federal, state and local government need to step up to encourage proper working of government,” Heim said.

Back here at home Manske said healing starts in this community.

“I can’t do anything about D.C., but I can be nice to the people around me,” Manske said.

Heim needed no words to communicate his feelings. His facial expression spoke countless words.

“It’s going to go down in history as something which we’ll all be a little bit ashamed of down the road,” Heim said.

Manske wants his community to be part of the solution and work to find common ground.

“Whether you’re Republican or Democrat it doesn’t make any difference. We’re all paying the price for not getting along,” Manske said. “2020 was a bad year, and right now ‘21 is not starting our very good. I have hope but we’ll see.”

Heim said if people want to protest peacefully that is their right. Heim said violence is not the answer.