If you feel like your smartphone is affecting your attention span, you’re not alone

Tuesday’s edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association includes research that followed 2,587 students in Los Angeles County, California for two years and found that students that reported higher digital media use were more than twice as likely to also report symptoms associated with ADHD.

One local doctor says that even though more research needs to be done on the connection, it has raised concerns about digital media use.

“It tends to by hyper-stimulatory and may make it more challenging for young people, and adults for that matter, to pay attention to things that are not as stimulating to the senses,” said Dr. Charles Peters, a consultant pediatrician with Mayo Clinic Health System in Onalaska.

He also has another warning about digital media: The importance of making sure young people don’t use electronic devices while driving is something that he says “you can never emphasize too much”.