Ice shanties stuck on the ice, miss removal deadline

Thanks to Mother Nature, some anglers are having a hard time getting their shanties off the ice.

The DNR says the deadline for removing shanties from Wisconsin-Minnesota waterways was March 1st, but thanks to the Winter we’ve had with snow, rain, slush and then freezing temps, some shanties are stuck in the ice.

The DNR says angler should do their best to get their shanties unstuck and off the ice, but they understand if people are struggling.  “The way we handle it is with anything that we have to deal with there is going to be discretion involvled,” says Tyler Strelow from the Wisconsin DNR, “we just ask that if folks are having a hard time or can’t meet the deadline, to go ahead and give us a call and let us know.”

You can call the DNR at 1-800-TIP-WDNR,. which is the same number people use to report violations.  You can still use your ice shanty to fish, it just has to be taken off the ice every night.