Ice-out finally declared on west Twin Cities Lake Minnetonka

Authorities have declared ice-out on Lake Minnetonka in the western Twin Cities, tying the record for the latest ice-out on the big lake.

The Freshwater Society and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol declared the ice-out just after noon Saturday. This year’s ice-out ties 1857 for the latest on record.

The Freshwater Society reports this year’s ice-out on Lake Minnetonka is three weeks later than the median ice-out date of April 14.

Ice-out on Lake Minnetonka is declared when boats can pass through channels and navigate all portions of the lake.

Some ice remained on the lake Saturday, but officials said all bays and channels were navigable.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports statistics for ice-out on Lake Minnetonka go back to 1855.