Ice chunk falls from plane, cracks driveway

LOS ANGELES (KCAL) – Ice doesn’t fall from the sky very often in Southern California, but one homeowner is worried after a huge chunk fell right onto her driveway – and the source is not natural.

Angelica Coria said she’s “extremely fearful” when she sees planes flying over her Eastvale home.

“Ice fell from the sky and we don’t know what happened,” she said.

Edward Briseno described what he saw. “As we walked out, the pieces got bigger and bigger and eventually, once we saw the piece up there, we were like you’ve got to be kidding me!”

Evidence points to the big chunk of ice having smashed into their driveway, creating a crack.

Retired airline pilot Ross Aimer said the area is in a flight path for descent into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Planes fly overhead almost every minute.

Aimer said any source of leaking water on a plane can collect below it and quickly freeze at high altitudes, then drop from the plane as it descends.

Ice falling from airplanes isn’t unprecedented in this area.

Last year, a piece of ice crashed through the roof of a home in nearby Chino.