Your 4th of July cookout is going to cost more this year

Your 4th Of July Cookout Is Going To Cost More This Year

Courtesy: Storyblocks

MADISON, Wis. — As people across the country get ready to gather to celebrate the 4th of July, if you’re hosting a cookout with friends and family this weekend, it’s going to cost you more.

Blue Book Services, which keeps an eye on the produce industry, says the cost of hosting a cookout this weekend is 17 percent higher than it was last year. For someone hosting 10 people, that translates into about $10 more than last year.

Overall, the average cookout for this year’s July 4 celebrations is expected to cost just under $70. That accounts for things like buns, meats, sides, fruits and desserts.

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The biggest cost increase this year is for ground beef, which is expected to cost an average of $11.12 for two pounds. That’s up 36 percent compared to last year, according to Blue Book Services. Two pounds of chicken breast costs an average of $8.99 this year, while three pounds of pork chops will cost you about $15.26.

Things like chips ($4.71 for 16oz), ice cream ($5.16 for half a gallon) and lemonade ($4.43 for 2.5 quarts) also add to the total cost.

Experts say like many things right now, there are a number of reasons for the price increases, including ongoing supply chain disruptions and inflation.