UW Health: Booster shot is a “powerful tool” in fight against COVID

MADISON, Wis. – UW Health officials say a COVID booster shot is a “powerful tool” in the fight to end the pandemic.

In a statement Monday, pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Jim Conway urged eligible people to get booster shots.

“Combined with the other tools we know work, like hand washing and physical distancing, booster doses can help protect us all,” Dr. Conway said.

All adults are now eligible for a booster, which can be given six months after receiving an initial vaccine series.

Dr. Conway said boosters are to be expected with any vaccine.

“The COVID-19 vaccines potency wanes over time,” Conway said. “Like tetanus or flu, we need to periodically get additional shots to pump up our immunity.”

The FDA and CDC have allowed people to choose a booster shot of any authorized COVID-19 vaccine.