Two-year-old shot and killed in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Milwaukee police are investigating the fatal shooting of a two-year-old child.

According to authorities, the boy was shot Sunday afternoon after other children got a hold of a gun and unintentionally fired it. A 26-year-old man was arrested in connection with the shooting.

A neighbor who lives across the street, Hector Pintor, said he knows the man who was arrested.

“When I first moved here, about a year ago, I was shoveling snow, and he came over and just helped me. That’s exactly how we met,” Pintor told WTMJ-TV.

Pintor urged people not to make assumptions about the family and what happened.

“It’s just sad because you know, I got my son, and it’s just, it’s a kid, it’s a baby, and it was an accident, you know, and I can’t even understand it,” he said.

The Milwaukee Police Department reminded gun owners to keep firearms in a secure area and out of the reach of children. MPD still has free gun locks available.