Takeaways so far: An expensive election poised to change not much

Occasionally American elections provide a moment of national unity. This is not one of those occasions.The 2022 midterms have been bitter, fractious and exceedingly expensive.

Control of Congress still hangs in the balance, with both parties notching victories in a midterm election centered on voter frustration over inflation, abortion rights and more. But despite huge spending, it’s unclear the eventual outcome changes much in Washington.

President Joe Biden, who has presided over unified Democratic control of Washington for the first time in over a decade, has been buffeted by out-of-control inflation, growing worries about crime and the lingering effects of a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Republicans, meanwhile, have had to deal with a bitter rift between the party’s establishment wing and President Donald Trump, whose enthusiastic support for far-right first time candidates has fueled divisive primaries.