NY man visits Madison as part of bicycle tour to donate blood, platelets in all 50 state capitals

MADISON, Wis. — A New York man on a year-long mission to donate blood or platelets in every capital city stopped in Madison on Monday as part of his tour.

Bob Barnes has been biking across the country as part of his Great American Triple Switchback tour to raise awareness of the importance of blood and platelet donations. Madison marked his 41st capital city as part of the effort.

Barnes donated platelets at the ImpactLife Donor Center on Madison’s west side Monday morning.

“I’m not a man of, I don’t have a lot of means financially, so it’s something that I can give,” he said, “and I think that anybody that’s eligible should give blood if they are because only 37% of the population is eligible to give blood and only 6% to 7% of those actually do.”

So far, Barnes said he has biked more than 12,000 miles and has roughly 3,500 to go. When it comes to Hawaii, Barnes will be putting the bike away and flying to make his final donation.