Memorable moments from the Golden Globes: Gervais’ 5th — and final? — turn leads raucous show

NEW YORK (AP) — Ricky Gervais made a big deal Sunday about how this was the fifth and final time he was going to host the Golden Globes.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe not.

But it’s the frame he used this time for his devil-may-care act of jokes that provoke a swift intake of breath. Harvey Weinstein and Ronan Farrow references. A Felicity Huffman license plate line. A biting commentary that actors would line up for work if ISIS ran a streaming service. A bleeped, bawdy punchline about Judi Dench.

Gervais has a sterling track record; that’s why he’s been back five times. But it was hard to miss the weariness in some of the faces of audience members watching him Sunday.

With two awards to go Sunday and an 11 p.m. Eastern deadline already slipped past, Gervais appeared on the stage and looked at his watch.

“Kill me,” he said. “We’re nearly done.”

Joke or not, and even if most audience members could surely appreciate the sentiment, it’s not the sort of thing you want from a host.

Here are some highlights and lowlights of the annual show: