Fort McCoy gives second round of vaccines to Afghan evacuees as part of immigration process

FORT McCOY, Wis. — Officials at Fort McCoy say they recently completed a second round of vaccinations for people who fled the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to Fort McCoy, the vaccinations ran between October 25 and October 29. Between the two rounds of vaccinations, a total of 11,230 Afghan evacuees received immunizations for things like MMR, varicella, the flu and COVID-19 as part of the vaccines required by the immigration process.

Fort McCoy officials say that accounts for more than 99 percent of the people currently staying at Fort McCoy.

“It has been personally special to be involved in this early phase of these guests’ American journey by helping get their immigration exam requirements done, and help protect their health while here at Fort McCoy,” said Col. James Phillips of Task Force McCoy.

The first round of vaccinations were held between September 16 and September 21, and vaccinated more than 97 percent of the Afghan evacuee population at the base, according to Fort McCoy officials.