Chandler Halderson tests positive for COVID-19 after 6th day of trial

MADISON, Wis. — The homicide trial of Chandler Halderson will be delayed as attorneys informed the court Tuesday that Halderson had tested positive for COVID-19.

After proceedings had wrapped up on Tuesday afternoon and prosecutors said they could rest their case as soon as Friday, attorneys and Judge John Hyland reportedly reconvened after learning of Halderson’s positive COVID-19 test, according to the Law & Crime Network, which is providing pool video feeds to local media for the trial.

According to the Law & Crime Network, the trial will be delayed until at least Tuesday, January 18. Judge Hyland will inform the jurors of the delay Wednesday morning.

Halderson’s defense attorneys say he is vaccinated. The Dane County jail began vaccinating people in April.

Halderson has appeared in-person for all six days of testimony in his trial, accused of killing and dismembering his parents. He was also present during the jury selection process last week. News 3 Now has reached out to the Dane County District Attorney’s office and Judge John Hyland’s court for more information on the delay.

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The Dane County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday it would begin testing all people in the Dane County Jail with help from the National Guard. Sheriff Kalvin Barrett said the jail is currently experiencing record-high numbers of COVID-19 cases, leading to the expanded testing effort. Halderson is being held in the jail during his trial and was previously given a $1 million bond.

This is a breaking news story that will be updated as more information becomes available.