Buying Guide: Protect your Amazon deliveries from theft with BoxGuard

Buying Guide: Protect Your Amazon Deliveries From Theft With Boxguard

If you live in a high traffic area, chances are you’ve had a package stolen from your front porch before. If you’re tired of waiting around all day for a delivery and don’t want to leave packages out in the open, this outdoor package delivery and storage box from BoxGuard is a simple solution.

How It Works

The BoxGuard package delivery box offers an easy way to protect your packages from weather, thieves, and nosy neighbors. The roomy 6.3 cubic foot box has plenty of space for multiple deliveries, and the bold “Deliveries” lettering on the bottom makes it easy for mail carriers to identify where to leave your packages. There’s also a hinge that gives you the option to add a lock so you can keep your packages even more secure.

Durable and Weatherproof

In addition to protecting your Amazon deliveries from being stolen, this BoxGuard outdoor storage box keeps rain, snow, and wind from damaging your packages while they sit outside. The durable weatherproof design and angled shingle roof keeps packages dry.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love this BoxGuard package delivery container for keeping their deliveries hidden in plain sight. Customers used it to keep their packages out of reach of their dog and dry on rainy days. Reviewers also mentioned this generously sized container was a great storage option for patio cushions or gardening tools.

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