3 reasons you should try Bottle Bright cleaning tablets

3 Reasons You Should Try Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets

Carrying a reusable water bottle or thermos is an easy way to cut down on paper and plastic waste in your everyday life but cleaning your reusable bottle can be a hassle. If you’re looking for a better way to clean out your reusable bottles, Bottle Bright cleaning tablets are the perfect solution. Here are 3 reasons they’re worth a try:

1) They remove stubborn stains and odors from reusable bottles.

The longer you use a water bottle or thermos, the more likely you are to face a problem with lingering odors or stains even after thoroughly cleaning with soap and water. These powerful fizzing tablets quickly lift off musty smells, coffee oils that cling to the side of your thermos, and stains from tea or soda.

2) They’re safe and eco-friendly.

If you carry a reusable water bottle to reduce your impact on the environment, the last thing you want to do is clean it with something that isn’t eco-friendly. Bottle Bright tablets are completely biodegradable, chlorine free, and environmentally safe. That also means they’re safe for you and your body too.

3) You’ll save yourself some scrubbing.

Bottle Bright cleaners are designed to lift away odors and stains without the elbow grease. The fizzing replicates scrubbing so you can easily clean your water bottle or thermos anywhere. They’re ideal for frequent campers since the small tablets can easily be packed with your gear.

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