La Crosse teen talks about saving 5-year-old girl from drowning

Teenage bystander reacts to helping save little girl's life near Black River Beach

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A five-year-old girl nearly drowned near Black River Beach Wednesday night, but a 15-year-old bystander quickly reacted to the situation.

“He will help anyone,” Isaac’s mother Tonya Bundy said.

Isaac Deason just wanted to go for a swim Wednesday night.

“We had it all planned out,” Isaac said. “We were just gonna come here and chill.”

But just 10 minutes later, something went wrong,” Isaac said.

“We noticed she was missing,” Isaac said.

Almost everyone ran up to shore.

“I stayed in the water,” Isaac said. “And I saw the current, and I started moving towards it. And then I saw bubbles.

He spotted the little girl drowning, who is his next-door neighbor.

“I wasn’t really thinking,” Isaac said. “It’s a fear and adrenaline going through my body. I was thinking we got to save her. She can’t go.”

Isaac quickly pulled her out of the water.

“I started screaming for the mom,” Isaac said. “I was thinking this is not happening. We don’t deserve this.”

An off-duty EMT performed CPR on the little girl before first responders arrived.

“10-4. 303 on-scene,” a response caller said.

“Specifically with pediatric cardiac arrest that we go to, it’s not common for us to go to,” EMT Clara Medinger said.

Rescue crews got a pulse, and stabilized her before EMT’s took her to the hospital.

“Copy that,” a response caller said. “Trauma red. 5-year-old female. Departing 10-12 minute ETA, low-risk.”

But none of this could’ve been done without Isaac’s quick reaction.

“I think you can see a lot of situations happen with that,” paramedic Brad Bain said. “Either people freeze and don’t know what to do, or they just act. And luckily and fortunately in his case, he decided to act. And we’re very proud of him and proud of his bravery.”

The little girl was released from the hospital Thursday night, and is recovering at home.

“It was amazing,” Bundy said. “She came home from the hospital. How she wrapped her arms around Isaac and would not let go of him. And just loved him, and thanked him herself.”

“I’m just glad that she’s OK,” Isaac said. “Extremely grateful for it.”

And Isaac’s risk-taking paid off.

“He’s a hero in my eyes,” Bundy said. “He’s a hero in, I’m sure, a lot of people’s eyes.”

The La Crosse Fire Department and Police Department were also on-scene, along with Tri-State Ambulance.

Isaac goes to Logan High School, and he says he loves the water.