I Phone X Test Results

Testing Apples Newest I Phone

Apple’s newest phone, the thousand-dollar iPhone X, hit store shelves earlier this month.
So what are people saying about it so far?

The iPhone ten includes the highest resolution screen Apple has ever offered, plus facial recognition technology to unlock the phone, since there’s no longer a physical home button.

In today’s On Your Side… Consumer Reports tested that facial recognition and other features of the new iPhone in its labs.
So far it’s performing well in early tests.

“The I phone X, like the eight and eight-plus before it, has glass on the front and the back. So we were a little concerned about durability, so like the other phones we test here, we subjected it to a series of drop tests where we put it on a specialized slider. We dropped it from 5 feet onto concrete on it’s front, it’s back and it’s corners. And after all that it survived with just a few minor scrapes,” according to Bree Fowler of Consumer Reports.

And the new facial recognition feature continued to work after drop tests from three feet.
Consumer Reports will also conduct battery, camera and additional durability testing including a tumble test and water immersion test.
Those results will be available soon.

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