‘I knew it would be ambitious’: Australia man attends every Packer, Badger football game

If Wisconsinites are committed to one thing, it’s football. One super fan is taking his dedication to the next level.

Jay Singh doesn’t discriminate. He’s a big Badger and Packer fan, and luckily for him, both teams are having great seasons – especially considering his lofty goal.

“I knew it would be ambitious,” Singh said.

For Singh, both Camp Randall and Lambeau Field feel like home.

“I think they’re both amazing,” he said.

That’s despite the fact that Singh is from halfway across the world. He’s spent his recent years in Australia as a school teacher. His family background is Indian, and he was born in England.

A program through his job has allowed him to take a year sabbatical after four years of 80 percent pay, so he’s giving up the warmer Australian climate to live close to Green Bay this football season.

“I moved from Australia to northeast Wisconsin,” Singh said. “I became in love with the Packers in 2010. I was amazed by how such a small town could have such a big club with such an amazing following around the world, long waiting list, iconic history.”

Since the 2010/2011 season’s Super Bowl win, Singh also fell in love with the football culture in Wisconsin.

“The people are amazing. The tailgating is so much fun,” he said. “I came to Green Bay to visit Lambeau and I was walking around. I walked into a bar and the bartender took me ice fishing and I made a friend for life.”

It’s that welcoming football crowd we know well here in Wisconsin who are now helping him with a goal maybe as ambitious as the Super Bowl.

“They ask, ‘Have you been to this game, been to that game?’ Singh said. “They find it crazy I’ve managed to do all games from both teams.”

Singh is going to each and every Packer and Badger game, home and away. He’s had some help along the road, with football fans offering him dinner, drinks, tailgating opportunities and tickets.

“I think they just think it’s a crazy unique story that someone from the other side of the world has embraced Wisconsin sports, and they want to help me out,” Singh said. “I’ve been fortunate with the generosity and hospitality of people.”

The Badgers and Packers have been pretty lucky too.

“I chose a really good season, everyone’s saying,” Singh said. “I didn’t expect both teams to have such a good season.”

As the Badgers prepare for the Rose Bowl and the Packers for the playoffs, Singh is also setting his sights high.

“I’m looking forward to going to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl,” he said, adding that he’s still on the hunt for a ticket.

Singh’s home for the holidays is wherever his football teams take him – hopefully culminating in a Super Bowl trip.

“That’d be amazing,” he said.

Singh will be at the Packers Vikings game next Monday. He said he’ll be staying in the Green Bay area until the last Packers game, then he’s planning to travel a bit before heading back to work in Western Australia.

In between attending games, Singh said he has been volunteering at a food bank and a local high school where he teaches cricket.

Those interested in following along on Singh’s journey can do so here.

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