Hundreds gather in Riverside Park to honor George Floyd

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Hundreds of La Crosse residents gathered in Riverside Park Friday night to honor and pay tribute to George Floyd.

A Facebook group organized the gathering to “peacefully honor” Floyd in the wake of his death. Protesters led several chants calling for an end to racial injustice and Black Lives Matter, and passing cars were invited to honk in support.

Several young residents say they were encouraged by the show of support, especially during a global pandemic.

“This is basically love, basically showing that people care,” Western Tech student Shaundale McBride said.

“The fact that the coronavirus is going on and they still came out, risked their lives to come out here to be here right now. It’s crazy, honestly,” Central student Treasure Austin said.

“The community came out, and that shows a lot, it does, and I think most African-Americans appreciate it,” Logan High student Chaya Davis said, “but I think we can do better, and that we have to keep pushing harder, and it’s got to get bigger and bigger until we see change.”

After an initial hour protesting along the sidewalks in Riverside Park, the large gathering proceeded to march into the city toward City Hall.