How to stay safe during mosquito season

“If we keep having wet, warm days those are perfect for mosquitoes,” explained Kaitlyn Lance, Agriculture Educator for La Crosse County Extension.

With warmer temperatures, the summer months also bring unwanted pests. Considering the amount of rain recently one might think that it automatically means more insects.

“Mosquitoes are very temperature dependent so if it’s cooler, we did have a pretty cool spring even though it was wet, they might not be as heavy. It’s just a wait and see, there’s not really a way of predicting,” added Lance.

Regardless of the amount of mosquitoes we see this year, the county is preparing to keep the disease carriers at bay.

“This is the second year when we’ve made an adjustment in the mosquito control program. We started it last year we were really only focusing on the two types of mosquitoes that cause disease,” elaborated Jen Rombalski, Health Director for the La Crosse County Health Department.

The ones that carry West Nile and La Crosse Encephalitis can breed in your backyard.

“They actually breed more in containers, artificial containers such as a Nutella snack container,” detailed Rombalski.

With the county focusing on just the ones that can be lethal, they won’t be treating the nuisance bugs that can ruin a night out.

So what’s the best way to keep them at a distance?

“There’s a lot of different bug sprays out on the market, some many contain a little DEET which is good because that does not only repel mosquitoes but it repels ticks. The amount of DEET that’s present in bug sprays currently is not harmful to us,” advised Megan Meller, Infection Preventionist for Gundersen Health System.

At the same time, there are certain bug products you should avoid if you want to save your money as well as your skin.

“You might have heard of those sound waves that send out a sound that prevents mosquitoes those don’t work, they’ve done research it’s not very practical.”

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