How to remove salt stains from winter boots

A water and vinegar mixture helps remove stains

Are your boots coated in salt? With water and vinegar you can get those stains to go away, said Dan Grogan, owner of Dan’s Shoe Repair in La Crosse.

Grogan said salt will dry back up in the crystal form and actually produce a line on the leather, a mark where you can see the water line.

“The light-colored ones seem to make a salt stain and that salt stain can permanently alter the color of the boot,” Grogan said.

You can use a sponge or spray bottle to apply the mixture of water and vinegar.

“Mix it 50-50,” Grogan said. “Then the vinegar won’t etch the leather. Wipe it generously and then let it dry,” Grogan said, adding that it may take a few treatments to remove the whitish-gray stains.

He said each treatment lasts up to three months depending on how often you use your boots and how much salt is coated on them. Some shoes left too long with salt stains may not be able to be fixed.