How to prepare for kindergarten over summer

Starting kindergarten can be both an exciting and anxious time for both the parents and child. To help your child prepare for kindergarten, try to work on these items over the summer to get ready for the first day of school.

— Have your child work on dressing him or herself

— Work on holding pencils and crayons and cutting with scissors

— Work on paying attention, following the rules and listening to directions

— Encourage play dates so your child can work on playing well with other children and sharing

— Work on knowing his or her letters, shapes, colors and numbers

— Work on writing his or her name

— Read daily and talk about the books together

— Work on art projects together

— Have discussions with your child where you ask him or her questions and they can respond, and also have them listen to you

— Have your child complete daily tasks and chores

— Talk about kindergarten and school and what he or she can expect during the school day

— Try to get your child used to the routine he or she will need to follow during the school year

— Try to encourage play dates with any kids you know will be in his or her kindergarten class

— Encourage your child to ask questions about kindergarten and school

— Show your child where his or her school is

— Arrange a visit to the school to show your son or daughter around