How to clear up irritated skin from frequent hand washing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Many off us are frequently washing and sanitizing our hands, and that’s a great thing!

But some people are seeing negative effects from it, like dry, irritated skin.

Health experts say the products you use could be part of the problem.

Hand sanitizer is a big contributor because the alcohol dries out skin.

So when you can, choose soap and water instead.

Try using gentle, unscented soaps and lotions.

If a product is bothering you, just get rid of it.

“Rule of thumb: if you start using something and right away you start to have a rash from it, you really shouldn’t use it anymore, because it could get a lot worse the more often you use it,” said Mary Duh, P.A.-C., Mayo Clinic Health System.

If irritation gets worse, she recommends using an over-the-counter cream like cortisone.

But if it still doesn’t get better after a few weeks, call your healthcare provider.

They might be able to prescribe something that works better for you.