Hovde campaigns in La Crosse less than a week before U.S. Senate primary

LA CROSSE, Wis. — One of the Republican front-runners in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race campaigned in La Crosse Thursday.

Businessman Eric Hovde campaigned at Mannstedt and Sons, Incorporated, a steel-structural manufacturer.

The political newcomer has quickly climbed in the polls promising a focus on the economy, using his business background as a guide for success.

Hovde says there’s quite a difference between him and former Governor Tommy Thompson who’s leading the race in the latest poll. “A person who’s coming from the private sector who’s looking at this as service to his country versus someone who’s looking at capping off his political career and who’s spent his life in politics, so it’s just two very different stark contrasts,” said Hovde.


Jeff Fitzgerald and Mark Neumann are also on the ballot.

Voters can choose their Republican nominee this coming Tuesday. They will face off against Democrat Tammy Baldwin who’s running unopposed in the primary.