Hougom’s mother speaks at Voices Against Violence

As we are experiencing following the tragedy in Boston, just one act of violence can have a ripple effect throughout an entire community, or an entire nation.

That’s one of the messages speakers were hoping to get out to the La Crosse community Sunday night, at an anti-violence event at Wesley United Methodist Church.

The message went out through prayers, music, and speeches.

One of the speakers was Sherry Hougom.

Her daughter, Sara, was shot to death inside her La Crosse apartment last year.

Sherry says Sara’s memory is keeping her strong, and she plans to continue working toward ending violence, so no one has to live with losing someone they love because of it.

“I’d like to go into schools and work with the kids, find out about their backgrounds and work with them,” says Sherry.  “They know more about what’s going on around them, how we can work together to move forward to stop the violence.”

Gang members Kong Vue and Pao Choua Vue were convicted in Sara’s murder.

They are serving 35 year prison sentences.