Hospitals are thousands of blood donations short after holidays

Red Cross issuing emergency call out

The Red Cross has an emergency call out for blood and platelet donations.

Holiday schedules, severe weather and dangerous travel conditions left hospitals across the nation about 37,000 blood donations short of what is needed. The American Red Cross estimates every two seconds another patient in the U.S. needs blood.

Red Cross officials say they can use all the help they get.

“If you’re a donor, that’s a wonderful thing, we hope you can make it out, but even if a donor could reach out to a friend or family member and say ‘Hey, there’s a real need right now. Could you join me in this and come to the blood drive?’ That would be a wonderful thing,” said American Red Cross Representative Scott Friell.

If you would like to donate blood, there will be a community blood drive next Tuesday at Cary Specialized Services in La Crosse. For other blood drives, head to and do a search for your zip code.