Hope is spreading faster than Coronavirus ever has at Gundersen vaccination clinics

Gundersen Health System can vaccinate roughly 90 patients an hour

ONALASKA,Wis. (WKBT)- With more and more people being vaccinated against COVID-19, healthcare professionals say hope is spreading faster than Coronavirus ever has. 

Whoever said anticipation is better than the real thing n.er sat in this waiting room, or with Susan Blanchar, who’s waiting her turn to get back to life.  The anticipation of this was really exciting. I get my second shot. Yes! I’m going to be liberated.”, says Blanchar. 

Gundersen Health System is moving patients through its covid-19 vaccination clinic faster than a NASCAR pit crew gets cars back on the track. “You can feel the energy. I think we are seeing 90 vaccines in an hour.”, says Gundersen’s Daniel Coenen. 

Patients are the driver’s seat and feel like they are leaving the pandemic in the rear-view mirror. “I feel wonderful. I’m ready to go and do my traveling now.”, says Donna Worthington, who finished her vaccine series. 

After waiting more than a year, the anticipation doesn’t come close of feeling of relief. For Blanchar, it’s not just a COVID-19 vaccine, but a shot of hope. YesThere is light at the end of the tunnel.”, says Blanchar.